School Council

School Council Executive for 2020-2021

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Our WNPS Council Member Executive:
Chair: Tiffany Grubb
Secretary: Alexis Juliao
Treasurer: Tara Santagapita
Community Reps: Jeannine Poulton, Andrew Poulton
Parent Reps: Amanda Borges, Michelle Coughlin, Blair Masse, Kendra Bricker
Teacher Rep: Carissa Kanters

School Advisory Council Constitution and By-laws

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Monthly Agenda/Minutes 2020 - 2021


October                       Principal Report       October Minutes          October Newsletter

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February Agenda        Principal Report        February Minutes     February Newsletter

March Agenda             Principal Report        March Minutes         March Newsletter

April Agenda                Principal Report        April Minutes            April Newsletter

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Monthly Minutes 2019 - 2020