Dress Code

Dress for Success

Our school is a place of education with a focus on high standards of personal conduct in order to promote a positive, respectful and safe learning environment.  Our dress code emphasizes our values for decency and respect for others.


  • Norevealing clothing and no exposed undergarments.

  • With the exception of Religious Headwear, no hats, hoods or any other headwear allowed within the school. Exceptions will be granted for medical conditions.

  • Clothing must be free of profanity, obscenities and discriminatory, derogatory, violent, drug or alcohol-related images.

  • Appropriate indoor shoes are needed at all times (no bare feet or slippers). Outdoor footwear will be worn outside. (Students will not be allowed on the climbers with flip flops or shoes without back straps).  Shoes should be appropriate for safe participation at recess and non-marking running shoes are to be worn in the gym.

  • Clothing should be free of drawstrings, scarves, chains and mitten strings which could become entangled in playground equipment.  

If a student is dressed inappropriately they will be asked to remedy the situation (i.e. turn shirt inside out or change into suitable attire).  Parents will be notified by the teacher or principal if problems are recurring.

Thank you for your support in this matter.